Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid Wind

We were ravaged by a wind storm last night. I was up in my craft room and the wind kicked up wicked hard. I heard hail and then I heard a loud crash. Uh-oh. I ran downstairs. The spooked cats ran upstairs. I looked out the kitchen door to see what had happened and notice that the storm door had blown off and littered the side yard.

Luckily the glass didn't break (thank Heavens!). The frame and part of the kick plate were still attached to the side of the house and I was afraid that another gust would do further damage (the flying door put a small gouge in the shaker shingle). I called Sean (first day at the new place and I'm calling to tell him his house is falling apart...nice) and we decided that the best course would be to remove the door remnants from the side of the house.

So in the middle of a windstorm (lightening, rain, and hail...oh my!) I'm standing outside my house with a power drill dismantling a wrecked door.

I am woman, see me cower at the slightest breeze from now until eternity.

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Joan B said...

Yikes, I'm listening to that same wind outside my window. It headed east!! Glad you are ok.