Monday, February 2, 2009

Crafting Vs. Hockey - Round 1

Boy: So, Chimmer and his family were in today......
Girl has already stopped listening.
Girl: Name five crafters...Go!
Boy: Uh....
Girl: I'm only asking for five.
Boy: Martha Stewart.
Girl: That doesn't count.
Boy: Yes she does. She has her own line at Michaels.
Girl is impressed that he remembers her line is at Michaels.
Girl: Fine. That's one.
Boy: Nichole Heady.
Girl: That's two.
Boy: Torm.
Girl: What's her whole name?
Boy: Torm.
Girl: First name?
Boy walks away. Thus ending the hockey for today.


Jamie said...

i love that your boy would even play along..i'm SURE mine would've just walked away from the start!

Gina Sisco said...

You crack me up!!

Tara said...

that is very, very funny. my husband is a record collector - i'm going to try this on him sometime :-) glad i stumbled over here from pti - i love your style!