Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day Was Lovely. . .

How was yours? Sean came home and made me fettucini alfredo with steamed broccoli. He even bought the fancy parm. I made bread pudding for dessert (with vanilla ice cream, naturally).

He bought me a gift certificate for the Papertrey release and a bottle of wine from a company named "Elizabeth Rose" (my first and middle names). He said he saw the bottle while he was on his business trip last month and after a long day it reminded him of me and of home. How sweet is that!? So he called the distributor and found out where to find the Sauvignon Blanc here in town.

I bought him a pair of SmartWool socks so he'll have a pair for every day of the work week. They are his favorite work socks because they're for hiking, so they are cushioned and keep your feet comfy even when you're on them for hours. He's always talking about how he just needs "one more pair" (he won't buy them for himself) and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to fill that need.

After we ate dinner he watched a little hockey while I worked on my color challenge card. Then we snuggled up and watched a movie to round out the evening. It was lovely. I hope all of you had a wonderful day and took some time to really enjoy the people you love.

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