Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crimes Against Humanity, World Peace, And Other Things I've Decided Over The Past Few Days

How's that for a title, heh? Anyway, I've been thinking and I've decided on a few things:

1. Whichever of our home's previous owners deemed it was a good idea to install laminate tile and apartment grade beige carpeting overtop of (once) gorgeous hardwood floors needs to be jailed for their crimes against humanity.

2. Macarons from Pistacia Vera could not only bring about world peace, but also cure world hunger and keep almond producers (many of whom are in California, right - now we're talking economic growth) busy until the end of time.

3. I could live forever and not get sick of the phrase "Oh, how cute are you?!"

4. I should put together an impromptu Super Bowl Party just so I have a reason to make potato skins. Who's playing? Isn't there a bird in the mix?

5. I am going to put a temporary moratorium on hockey speak in our house until my husband can name as many crafters as I can Blue Jackets players. Let's make it easy for him - he can even count company names. I'll still win (despite my valiant efforts to ignore hockey talk).

6. Of all of the poorly constructed/installed things in our house why is it that the most solid installation is the aforementioned apartment grade carpeting.

7. Anyone willing to (poorly) paint a single bedroom 5 colors (of beige) should join the flooring bandit in jail.

Well, those are my conclusions from the past couple of days. I intend to post an actual project shortly. Until then, ta ta...

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