Monday, March 28, 2016

Moments Inked: Fitness Journaling

Good morning, friends! It's my turn to share what I have going on in my planner these days, so I thought I would share my fitness journaling with you. Fitness and physical activity have become increasingly important to me over the past few years. As a result I've been taking more and more classes and spending extra time at the gym. I noticed that those classes were taking up a little too much space in my regular daily planner. I was running out of room for anything else! Add to that the new Moments Inked: Active Symbols set and I knew just what I wanted to do. I created a fitness journal with an extra spiral planner I had on hand (I use the binder for my daily planner) and I'm absolutely loving it. Let's take a peek!

March Goals Dashboard

To start with, I've decided to create monthly dashboards where I can write down goals. There's plenty of space for both monthly and weekly goals.

March Goals Dashboard Close Up

I cut the Fresh Snow Linen full size page using the Moments Inked: Divided die and added a decorative Aqua Mist stripe that I'd die cut with the Monthly Moments: Year Round 1 Die. I added the "goals" from the Moments Inked: Listed set in Smokey Shadow ink.

Goals Dashboard Close Up

I used the Moments Inked: Remembered set and it works perfectly. I stamped the large "1, 2, 3" images in Hibiscus Burst and the smaller "month" and "week" images in Scarlet Jewel.

Schedule Pocket

I added a pocket to the back of that dashboard using the Moments Inked: Pocket Page Die and a piece of Hibiscus Burst patterned paper. I had to cut it so that the raw edge faced out, but using a fresh (or nearly fresh) cutting plate gives a clean enough cut that it's not terribly noticeable. The pocket is ideal for corralling the printed seasonal class schedules from the gym.

Here's what a full week looks like.

Weekly Workout Spread 3.20-26

Rather than fill it all in ahead of time (because schedules change, things come up, and sometimes you get to the middle of the week and just need a rest day gosh darn it) I fill things in as I go. That's why you're seeing my schedule for last week. My first class this week isn't until 9am this morning. And I have at least one chocolate bunny to burn off, so you'd better believe I'm going.

Weekly Workout Spread 3.20-26 Page 1

Anyway, I've been stamping the Moments Inked: Active Symbols images in a color that coordinates (this month that happens to be Aqua Mist) and then following up with additional information in Smokey Shadow.

Weekly Workout Spread 3.20-26 Page 2

Things like class times, distances, and durations are highlighted in Hibiscus Burst. I'm also adding instructor names under each class so I can keep track of who I've worked out with before. Sometimes the instructor changes and it's nice to be able to reference names if they differ from what's on the schedule. I'm still learning the different instructors' names and these notes are helpful.

Workout Notes Close Up

One of the handiest things about using the weekly spreads like this is that there's a built-in notes section. This way I can include pertinent details regarding each day's workout. I've been dealing with a little tendonitis in my left elbow and I can tell by looking at last week's notes that one set of dumbbells gave me more trouble than another. Now I know which weights to stick with until I get the elbow situation under control.

So there you have it! I like that I now have a dedicated place to track my fitness goals. And I also like that I have a little more breathing room in my daily planner. Thank you so much for joining me today! Happy planning!


Melissa said...

Love this, Lizzie! I'm back into fitness and running a 10k on April 24th. I really need to get some weight training and yoga added into my mix. I love how your tracking everything! Can't wait to get the active symbols set :)

see mary stamp said...

Great post. I've been hitting the gym since last October but need to start setting some goals and tracking my progress other places than just on the scale. I have the Active Symbols set. Now I just need to bust it out and use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Linda said...

Such an inspiring and helpful post! Love how you're using your spare planner.