Friday, August 8, 2008

Gallery Idol Winner... not me. It's ok though. Congratulations to Nancy Cienfuegos! And a great BIG thank you to everyone that supported me through the contest. I appreciate your efforts more than you can possibly know and am totally humbled by your willingness to help a girl out. I had a lot of fun with the contest and it really did a lot to raise my confidence level. Hopefully my participation will lead me to bigger and better things! I'll try to post again later. Have a great day!


Heidi said...

I'm sorry you didn't win Lizzie but your card was fantastic!!! I love that little witch and her magic trail. Keep up the terrific work and congratulations on making it to the finals.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, You did GREAT through the competition and I know you have a lot ahead of you. Have a great weekend. Heather (HMJ)