Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Bags Are Packed...

I'm ready to go. I better stop before I start singing. Nobody wants that.

Tomorrow morning I'll be saying adios to the buckeye state for two craft-packed days at CHA. Gus is pacing nervously and glaring at my suitcase. Buddy is gleefully oblivious. Sean has fresh milk, strawberry Pop-Tarts, and pressed work clothes. I think I have everyone covered.

I'm super excited to get down to Florida and meet all of the amazing ladies I interact with on this here internet. My roomie is the amazingly funny Joan so I am sure to have a good time! I booked a hotel with internet access, so I'll make sure to check in over the next couple of days. I even charged my camera battery again just to make sure it has enough juice to get me through day one. Oh, jeepers I can't wait!

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