Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funny Little Story

I'm sorry I've been missing. I've been working on projects all week that aren't ready to be shared. I've been mulling over some things this week that I'd like to discuss, but I need a few more days to formulate my thoughts. In the meantime...

I wanted to share a funny little story that Sean told me when he arrived home from basketball this evening. He was driving home and he had stopped at a light when a car of young college girls pulled up and rolled down their window to talk to him. The conversation went something like this:

Young College Girls (YCG): Hi there. What are you up to?

Cutie Patootie Hubs (CPH): Just got done playing basketball.

YCG: Looks that way. Hey, we're going to a party (Really?! It's a Monday night.) do you want to come along?

CPH: I don't think so.

YCG: What's your name?

CPH: "Happily Married For Five And A Half Years."

Light turns green. He drives home to tell me the story.

I love that man.

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Randi said...

OMG...what a hoot!!!