Friday, June 5, 2009

Bit Of An Update & Studio Questions Answered

First of all, I want to answer the questions I received about my craft room:

1) My sewing machine is a Singer (model 132Q featherweight). I actually have no idea what any of that means because I've sewn maybe 10 projects in all of my crafty career (eight of those were card designs, one was my prom dress, and one was a quilt/pillow project I made for Sean while he was working at Boy Scout Camp [Who wears tall socks? Sean wears tall socks!]. The prom dress was a total fluke and everything else was all straight lines).

2) Quite a lot of you really like Ikea (Yes, Wendel, I would like to take another trip. Maybe we can take the boys this time).

3) The color of my walls is Asparagus by Behr and the trim is Crisp Linen by Glidden/Evermore (both available at Home Depot). The green is actually a little bolder in person than it shows in the photos.

In other news, On Paper has a selection of my Father's day cards available right now. And this weekend is Gallery Hop, thereby offering the perfect opportunity to pick up a crafty card for your papa.

We went to see "Up" this week. It is lovely and more worthwhile than most movies we've seen in a long time. Be prepared to sob like a girl (at least I did - then I did that thing all night where I would remember scenes from the movie and I'd start all over again). Apparently I'm becoming a giant girl as I age. Whatevs. Sean loves me even when I'm a gooey mess. What a guy!

We went out to the Memorial golf tournament with Sean's parents Thursday. It was a lot of fun to sit out in the sun and pretend like I knew what was going on. Mostly, I just like hanging out with my parents-in-law. And I got to rock a new wide-brim hat, so that was sweet.

I've been making things, but most of them went to On Paper, so you'll have to pop into the shop if you'd like to see those. I'll start sharing those wall frames tomorrow.

And one last note: Congratulations to my cousin Jennifer and her husband Justin who welcomed their second child, John Timothy, this morning!

See you tomorrow!

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"Puddle of Tears" Panzner said...

I told Sean that you would bawl from roughly minutes 5-15, AND YOU DID! Just like I did. When he breaks his leg and the savings jar gets smashed AGAIN, I was a weird mess of laughing and crying. Joe and I went to see it with Eric and Eric just kept passing both of us more and more napkins. I can't remember the last time Joe squeezed my hand that hard...