Friday, December 6, 2019

Festive Friday - Monogram Tags

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Good morning, friends! Welcome to Festive Friday! It's hard to believe, but there are only two more Festive Fridays after this one. Christmas is coming at us fast! Today's tags are a nice, quick option for dressing up your seasonal packages though, so have no fear! Let's get to it!


I love a good monogram and gift tags are the perfect opportunity to use them (assuming you don't have several of the same initial in the family). I chose three from our list. I don't bother with the "to:" and "from:" on monogram tags because the "to:" is taken care of with the recipient's initial and they can usually guess the "from:" based on the handmade tag. But you could always add those bits of info on the back or on a second layer if you felt the need.


For these tags, I die cut the tags from one of Betsy's Make It Market Mini Kits from a while back. Then, I stamped them with the Jumbo Plaid background from The Stamp Market. I used the Skinny Upper Alpha die (also from The Stamp Market) to cut the monograms.


Then, I stamped a variety of foliage from The Stamp Market's Festive Floral set to use to decorate the tags. I die cut a handful of each piece and then assembled a few at a time on the tags. That means I have more pieces on hand to create additional tags. Bonus! I finished these off with simple white crochet thread for a clean, classic look.

By the way, I chose to go for monograms that didn't have a "floating middle" to worry about (like A or D or O), but you could still use those letters easily by adding a second layer to your tags. You could even do the pattern on the back so the letter was patterned rather than solid for a whole new look.

I hope you've enjoyed today's tag trio! I hope to see you back again next week for our second-to-last Festive Friday of the season! Have a wonderful weekend!

Plaid Monogram Tags

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Stephanie Clapper said...

Hi Lizzie! I’ve been missing in action because I’ve been hard at work, finishing my Christmas cards. Done. 😊 What a FANTASTIC idea you used for your tags! And this is the second time I’ve noticed the plaid stamp ( with the bottles too), it’s a perfect background. I know this is a given but I just have to say it, you’re SO CREATIVE! Thx Lizzie! 😊❤️