Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Introducing The Moments Inked Meal Planner System

Good morning, everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week. I'm here today to share with you my thoughts on the new Moments Inked Meal Planner System from Papertrey Ink. Now let me tell you...I have tried a dozen different ways to incorporate meal planning into my routine, but up until now it's managed to be a struggle. Despite my best efforts, I've never been able to keep all of my schedule notes, lists, and menu ideas all in one place. But all that's about to change! Thanks to this system, I'm finally streamlining the menu planning process once and for all!

Meal Planner Review Front Cover

Let's start at the beginning. This planner is the same size as all of the other Moments Inked products, so all of the accessory dies, covers, etc. are completely interchangeable. I added one of the original covers to the front of my Meal Planner and it fit perfectly.

Meal Planner Review Weekly Plan Page

The pages are the same lovely linen stock you've come to expect from the Moments Inked line. And they're printed with Papertrey's bright and colorful signature colors to keep things fresh. There's plenty of space and you can get as detailed as you want, with sections for menu, where to find a recipe, and special prep notes.

Meal Planner Review Schedule Tabs Close Up

I tend to cook on the fly, so the recipes section wasn't as critical for me. So I used that space to include Sean's schedule. Remembering when he's working (it changes often) has been one of my major meal planning challenges in the past. By including the information here (using the schedule flags I already have made) I can more effectively plan meals. I know at a glance when he's going to be home for dinner and when I'm flying solo. And, bonus, I still have space in that section for notes in the event that I happen to have a special recipe that I need to find in a flash.

Meal Planner Review Grocery List

Another reason I'm so in love with this planner is the grocery list section. I've chosen to use the spiral planner (though there is a binder option available, too) because I can leave it in my kitchen rather than in my studio with all of my other planner goodies. That way it's accessible for my husband to add items to the grocery list, too. We've tried several grocery list options over the years, but there's always something that goes wrong (can't find the dry erase marker/pen/notepad, magnet isn't strong enough to keep the list on the fridge, etc). I can tuck a pen in the spiral and store the planner on top of the microwave and we'll always know where everything is. Hooray! As a leftie, I also really like that the grocery and notes page can be flipped out to be nice and flat for writing (rather than fighting with a spiral).

Meal Planner Review Notes & Errands

The double sided page is ingenious, with errands and other shopping notes on the reverse. And the "Notes" section came in very handy for my Thanksgiving prep notes.

Meal Planner Review Detached Grocery List

And I absolutely love the fact that the shopping/errands list is detachable. It tears out super easily and is so convenient to pop in your purse for a trip to the store.

Meal Planner Review Shopping List In Cart

Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm really excited about the Moments Inked Meal Planner and I hope you are too! Have a great week!

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