Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag - I'm it . . .

I took a day off of my computer and come back to find out that I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Sharyn. Why not play along? So, the rules as I understand them are to post 7 random things about myself that will come as news to you the reader. I'm supposed to tag seven more people, but I think we're going to consider this an open call. I feel it is only fair to warn you all that I went through a mildly edgy stage at the tail end of high school, that said...

1. I shaved my head the day after high school graduation. Frankly, I was just sick of putting effort into brushing and styling and blow drying and mousse. So I shaved my head, or rather, my friend Jim shaved my head on my front porch. FYI: hair clippings are difficult to sweep out of fake grass.

2. I met my husband at a punk rock show. I didn't even know anything about punk rock. I was just there because it was the only thing happening on the last day of 11th grade. He was wearing a "Proud Father of Twins" t-shirt and flailing around like a crazy person. We've been married 5 years. He rarely flails like a crazy person anymore.

3. I went vegetarian after reading a Shel Silverstein poem and I never went back. I've lost track of the time. I don't miss it. Being vegetarian isn't even something I really think about anymore. Unless someone is serving soup...then I get nervous. Just because it isn't beef stew doesn't mean it is vegetarian. Chicken stock is still chicken.

4. I played the lead in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" in the eighth grade. At some point afterward I developed a serious case permanent stage fright though. Now I can barely sing "Happy Birthday" in front of other people.

5. I haven't colored my hair since my Aunt Gina (sounds like Guh - eee - na) passed away. She used to give me static about how coloring my hair was a denial of my heritage and how I should be proud of my dark tresses. After she passed, I sort of decided to leave my appearance alone as an homage to her.

6. I only eat certain junk foods when I'm on a long car ride. As soon as I'm staring down a 6 hour drive the first thing I buy to take along is a giant bag of cracker & cheese Combos.

And finally...

7. I have three pairs of Chuck Taylors that I wear constantly. The brown ones are in heaviest rotation, but the black ones and the pink ones get in there every so often too.

Alright, I don't know who to tag, so if you are reading and you want to play along, just leave a comment and I'll be sure to read your 7 random things. Thanks for reading, folks. I'll try to post a project either tonight or tomorrow. Take care!


Devonshire said...


Since I can't seem to locate your email I will post here instead. This is Devon, I work with Sean and I picked up some of your wonderful stationary at Tiny Canary...Sean thought instead of me stalking your site that perhaps we should get together in 'real' life. I prefer email to phone as do you I'm told - you can find my email on my knitting my name for contact info. Shaving my head sounds good - but I think I have a very funny shaped skull. :-D

Sharyn said...

I love your number 5! And Shel Silverstein and vegetarianism - I'm totally fascinated! I'm glad I found you again - I'd been missing you. Thanks for playing!!

Kevin Renz said...

Hi Lizzie,

I haven't visited in forever - PTI board either, but I did enjoy reading all your interesting factoids! They are always fun. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.