Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm not a delinquent, I promise. We lost the internet from last Thursday to Tuesday. Someone a block over had a tree fall (I assume it had something to do with the wind storm) and the resulting damage caused our DSL to implode. The AT&T tech didn't show up on Monday (like he was supposed to), so I had to call and get snarky. I'm not a naturally snarky girl, so that made me a little uncomfortable, but it also got me moved to the top of the list on Tuesday.

I spent most of my internet-free time cleaning my house and typesetting invitation samples, therefore I don't have anything to post today. Tomorrow I'll post twice though. I'm planning a regular post and a Papertrey Blog Hop post. I am so excited for the Blog Hop! I've never been home and able to participate. To be honest, I won't even be home for the first part of the Hop, but I'll post before I leave and check in as soon as I get home. See you all tomorrow!

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