Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drawn Together

Hello, Everybody. On Friday a tragedy shook Connecticut, the United States, and communities beyond. There is no sense to be made of such inconceivable actions; the events in Sandy Hook left so many of us feeling helpless, but wanting to help in any way we could. Then today, Amber from Damask Love posted about a fundraiser, called Drawn Together, that she's organizing to help the kids from Sandy Hook cope and work through their feelings. You can see her full explanation HERE. Let me be clear, this is all Amber's doing, but I think it's an incredible opportunity to help the most vulnerable victims of the tragedy in Connecticut. I'll be sending Amber a box of supplies tomorrow and I hope that you'll also consider donating. Be well, friends. And thank you in advance.

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Stephanie J said...

Lizzie - thank you for posting this!! Take care.