Saturday, December 13, 2008


Does anyone have a home remedy for arthritis? Even I think I'm taking too much Advil these days. Healing power of mangoes? Soothing relief from cracked black pepper? Anyone?


Sharyn said...

I'd be curious about this:

I wish I had a personal testimony for arthritis to give you, but I don't. What I do know is this -

1. We've been drinking it for over two years.
2. I was pregnant for Mark when we began it
3. The differences I noticed in my pregnancy - were HUGE. Blood pressure went down, no more panting up the stairs, that type of thing
4. I notice a difference when we go on vacation and don't drink it
5. I have friends who have used it to bathe their wounds - and the healing is, well, wow. We use it on Allan's excema and it definitely helps.

I'm not a distributor - that's my father in laws page tho. If you have ANY questions about it - I can hook you up with him

I'm not one to try to sell or convince people of what might or might not work - but since you asked - I thought I'd throw it out as something to maybe consider.

Anonymous said... mom has rheumatoid arthritis and she is no longer on medications because of acupuncture.

Unknown said...

fresh bing cherries ===== they certainly make my knees feel better -i just can't afford to buy them all of the in california they can get a tad expensive - but i think they work for me - could it be just in my mind? well -i don't care -they work for me..i eat about 10 in the morning and a few in the in the evening...

Unknown said...

p.s. - here's a link...