Friday, August 17, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Ok, so it's 90 degrees outside and the sun is blazing. Isn't that the perfect time for holiday cheer? In honor of the holiday season I wanted to share a super easy and perfect for mass production holiday card.

This card uses all Bazzill cardstocks and starts out with a solid white base matted with a pale green layer (not forgetting to round all of the corners first, of course). I then took more white cardstock and ran it through my Xyron Machine and placed it sticky side down on a sheet of decorative cellophane from Michaels. Using a Paper Shapers snowflake punch, I popped out the three snowflake images. I also used a 1 1/4" circle on some dark and medium green cardstocks for the backgrounds of aforementioned snowflakes. I adhered the circles to the pale green layer using 3-D tape. Fast, fast, fast. You could pop out an entire Holiday mailing list of these babies in an hour. And they really make a nice presentation, giving off just a little shimmer from the cellophane.

I'd love to share more, but it's been a really long day and I have to wake up super early to take my lovely husband to work. So good night wonderful readers. Sleep tight...

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